Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Dress, Two Dress


School is done! I handed in all three papers, but I'm pretty sure my brain was floating somewhere above my body so I didn't quite hear the angels singing as I walked out of my last class, but wow, does it ever feel good! I have my last exam in two weeks, and then I will be officially ready to get a job as an EA!

Ok... wedding dresses. As of a few weeks ago, I became a two dress bride. I had been unaware that this was an epidemic until a few months ago, but apparently in the wedding world, it's not terribly uncommon. Girls buy a dress, change their minds and go out to buy a new one. Pretty frivolous, I thought. I won't throw my money around like that. Well, let's back up to the summer of '09. James was in Africa. We were falling in love, but not saying anything definite on the subject just yet. I was on holiday with my family in Vernon and in one of the little dress shops downtown, I tried on a pretty wedding dress for a laugh. It was perfect. It looked very much like this. (James, don't follow these links :) I loved the detail of it and how it was so unique. I ended up going back to Vernon a week later to buy it and I've been picturing myself wearing it ever since.

Fast forward to March when I decided to go wedding dress shopping with all my girls. I told them (and myself ) that this was just for fun, one of those quintessential experiences that every bride must have. We all trooped into the salon laughing and chattering, picking up dresses left, rght and center. It felt like I tried on a hundred (included one chosen by my little sister that made me look like a snowbeast). It was so much fun. Then it happened. The consultant zipped me into one of the last dresses and told me that it was much too old, that it belonged on a 40 year old bride. She put me on the pedestal and tucked in the straps (to make it younger, she said), turning it into a sweetheart neckline and everyone gasped. The consultant proceeded to tie a satin sash around my waist and when I looked at my reflection, I was stunned. I felt like a bride. She wanted me to buy it that day, but I was so confused I just wanted to go home. It took me long time to come to a decision, during which there were a few tears for feeling like I was betraying the other dress, but eventually it came down to how I wanted to look on my wedding day.

So there you have it. I ended up finding THE dress (with a much less hideous sash than the one pictured), and I'm happy. I suppose the original dress can go up on craigslist, although a friend suggested doing a Trash the Dress photosession, which would be a blast! Anyway, the planning continues in earnest!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eureka! A new? dice system?

I think I've got it, by George!
Yesterday at work was a stupendously boring day, which I don't mind of course for it gives me much to mull. Let us see if I can recall the thought process that brought this idea about...

Jacelyn and I have been buying up old books from thrift stores, as part of our decorating theme for the wedding, and we've come across some real gems. About a week ago I got her a 109 year old copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles (a 1st edition would only be 110 yo), and we've got about 3 copies of Water Babies all deliciously gilded and imprinted, things of that nature. Well, let me try to be more concise. This past weekend we scored about 14 books, 9 or so of which are eligible for our theme, among those 14 were a nice hardback copy of The Wind in the Willows and a full-colour softcover of Stuart Little.

In thinking idly how fun it would be to have children so that we could read such awesome books to them, I thought of how similar those character are/would be to characters in the Flora RPG that I've been on-and-off working on (all being anthropomorphised animal characters). Then I thought of how children might view RPGs and how their imaginations might help to create a world truly unexpected. How we might take a family trip to New York to visit Central Park, the setting of it all, and how much fun we would have altogether. But then I thought of the dice system I wished to use, the d100 system just like Warhammer, and how unsuitable it would be to younger players, how basic and non-interactive it would seem to those energetic minds. Then I came up with a new dice system, full of risks and rewards and a undulating dice pool that gives control over odds to the player. I explained it to my roommate last night merely to get it from brain to tongue, and I also wrote it down on paper so I would not forget.

But alas, it seems I have no more time and must, indeed, must quickly become ready for work. I will post again as soon as I am able, divulging some of the secrets and keeping my fingers crossed that it hasn't been done before. Until then, thank you for reading.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiration Board


*sigh* I've been desperately wanting to blog (is this the beginning of the obsession?!) about the lastest wedding developments but I can't in good conscience devote that kind of time until I've finished all three, yes three, papers that are due this week.

What I can do however, is post an inspiration board from a wedding blogger who asked for people to submit their colours and ideas. Here's what Ami of ElizabethAnneDesigns came up with for us! Enjoy!

Jacelyn’s wedding this September has a palette of slate gray/blue, dusty plum, dusty rose and ivory. And, since she and her fiance are both book lovers, they are incorporating books into their wedding. Jacelyn, your elegant color palette screams romance to me, so I incorporated lots of ruffles and pleats into your board, as well as lovely letterpressed invitations and patterned china, to bring in the vintage element you wanted in a less trendy way.

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