Thursday, June 04, 2009


In keeping with my "ty" capped posts...

There are (in my opinion) 5 distinct aspects to my life: Social, Work, Romantic, Spiritual, and Creative. For a contented existance I require a bit of routine, a small bit of the predictable. Not too much of course, because then everything just gets boring, but some.

At home I had constancy in my social life, regular events and true friends that could be counted on. I liked that.
I also had constancy in my work life, even when I took strange jobs I was able to fall into the routine pretty easily. I liked that.
I don't think it is ever good for my romantic life to become routine, and at home it wasn't. I liked that.
Likewise, my spiritual life, though stable, was never predictable. How could that not be a good thing?
And lastly at home my creative life was the most unpredictable, I am always at the mercy of some muse or abscence thereof. I was fine with that, the rest of my life was ordered in a fashion that could accomodate any moments of irregular creative clarity.

Here it turns out that the most stable and predictable aspects of my life are the romantic and the spiritual, two that are probably healthier being less so. That is not to say they are more boring and routine than they were at home, it's simply to say that the other aspects have gone to the opposite extreme of the spectrum. I do not have constancy in my social life. I do not have even the illusion of constancy in my work life. I still do not have any constancy in my creative life, but now I lack the flexibility of accomodation.

What this produces is a situation where a normally adaptable person such as myself doesn't know where to start.

The most difficult is perhaps the work aspect. Don't get me wrong, the job is pretty easy, a little challenging, but I am certain I shall master the skills quickly. It is the schedule that gets to me, I can work mornings fine, evenings, and nights too. But when I work 5 evenings, have 2 days off, work 2 mornings, have 3 days off, work 4 nights, have 3 days off, work 5 mornings...... it becomes a slog, a marathon of trying to let my body catch up and relax before the next foray. That isn't so bad when you get down to it, I can slog through it. But it affects the second most difficult aspect.

My social life is already hindered most by the language barrier, there are a lot of people here that I cannot easily understand. The constant straining to translate what people are saying into understandable concepts makes it really hard to enjoy any liesure activity. I can do it but it takes much of the fun out of it. And then with work; I have a weekend in conjunction with a Saturday-Sunday maybe once a month. Try to build relationships when you work by yourself, and you have free time by yourself.

Ok, I feel like I'm complaining, so I'll end on a good note or two. I am doing more writing, working on about 4 projects when time and muse allow: FFRPG, Flora RPG, Katos Adventures, and a short story that I can't title yet. Also, I have nothing but huge smiles when it comes to my romantic life, sure there is a little bit of routine, and oceans seperate us, but :D!!! That makes anything, everything else, worthwhile.

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