Thursday, September 11, 2008


I saw a red thing on my floor, I thought it was a candy. It was a funny assumption since I've not ever had candy in my house before. Where did it come from?

I ate leftover chicken noodle soup. Two tasty chicken thighs, and a little anise seed like grama used to make it. I had some grape jello too, just because.

My house is lonely and empty. I watched "Tombstone", one of the best-played westerns of all time. I just bought it today, I think my movie list is so far complete.

I drank a Rootbeer that I wasn't supposed to have until tomorrow evening, just because. Now I'm going to play Final Fantasy IX, it's already 8 years old. It makes me feel a part of something, at least while I play it, afterward things are normal again.

It wasn't a candy.

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