Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not a killer

The other night, must've been Sunday, I was driving home from work (LD). Upon the road ahead, a few curves in front of me, I spied a shambling shape. It's size was similar to that of a cat, it was crossing the road. I noticed instantly it's gait, and dismissed the idea of it being a cat, it was then confirmed to be an opossum, the most ugly of north American mammals. Wiry grey fur, thick rat-like tail, beady little eyes, and a mouth most indubitably filled with little sharp, pointy teeth.

Only a moment goes by since my noticing of it before this information has played through my skull.

I then think on roadkill, the thing will be in my lane by the time my speeding car reaches it, what should I do? My first thought is that if I run over it my car may slip in the guts and gore and I may loose control around the corner, not a good thing. My second thought, following quickly on the heels of the first, is that my car sits low enough that I most likely will kill it by just running over it (estimated 60% chance for instant fatality due to a broken back, 100% chance of eventual fatality). There are no oncoming cars at this time of night, so I swerve, only so slightly, since only a second has passed since I first noticed the thing I still have enough distance that a slight course change will save a life. And indeed a second later I sailed by leaving the thing to spread it's rabies and offspring as it is wont to do.

In these collections of seconds, perhaps 5 in all, I found out that I am not a killer. My brain sometimes works in strange/disturbing ways, perhaps I just view the world from a different angle than most. But instinctively saving the ugliest animal known to man from certain death teaches me something about myself. Despite all that may run through my overactive imagination, and eventually spill out the causeway that is my mouth, I am still good, just chaotic-good ;)


Monday, April 14, 2008

Like a beaver

It is sad, there are beavers inhabitationizing Downes Bowl Park, and they have made a lodge, and a long dam, and they are going to be "removed". They are rodents I guess.

I have been busy, thus the lack of keeping everyone posted. I work for the City of Abbotsford now, in addition to LD, on the verge of quitting that hole. I work in the Turf & Grass division of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Dept. I like it a lot, My supervisor is really nice, easy to talk to and pretty laid back. I worked for almost 2 weeks on my own, but now I have a team-mate. We work well together, though apparently it is a problem when we come back to the yard too close to the end of our shift, it makes all the other city workers look bad or something. I'm tired after work, I have a sense of accomplishment that I've not had for years, but my mind is not weary.

I bought a CD the other day, a novel idea I know. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, by The Smashing Pumpkins, it brings back so many memories, I miss 90's music. I've been listening to more music now that I have a vehicle with a radio, and I am dissappointed with the radio stations, they repeat so many of the same songs, even Rock 101, who you'd think would have more than enough music to pull from. oh well.

I watched the sun set today, these moods hit me funny sometimes.

I ate pigs skin the other week, didn't know what it was at the time, it looked like some sort of noodle. It was cold, and then tough, so I thought maybe it was squid tentacles, but the texture was wrong (I like Squid). It was cold, shredded swine epidermis. I tried out a new(to me) Sushi place, Mar's Sushi, it's in downtown, and I was really quite impressed. It would be a place to take a girl, if there was one to take. I don't eat sushi, but they always have more than that on the menu, I ordered Chicken Udon, it was the best I've had. I also tasted the Spicy Prawns my friend got, and they actually had some spice to them. Good job Mar!

RPG has been interesting of late, I have been having trouble with a few players not being focused at all. There is essentially a single weak link, but I'm not really cruel enough to cut him out, I just pretend I'm cruel. (I'm actually pretty devious and sadistic, shhh don't tell) I've tried one approach so far, and it seems to have maybe worked, but it revealed to me further underlying issues, which may or may not be the root.

I should post a picture of my little guy, he's still pretty small, but leaf #3 is on it's way, real sunshine actually helps.

Lol, how pitiful is that, I post pictures of a plant on my blog...

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