Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forays into Darkness and Sunshine

At my eldest sisters behest I have photographed and will now display my "art", I have not titled the one complete "work", but whatever.

Perhaps I shall call it "Escape, by any means, but escape". I have just started the actual painting process on my second piece, a much larger canvas, and many more colours, so that is exciting.

Also, I am finally settled into my new place, I mean there is still a disorganized organizational pile of stuff in my bedroom, but that can't be helped. What I mean is that I wake up in the morning (at bloody 5:40) and I don't feel like I'm 8 years old and having a sleepover. It doesn't feel like "home" though either, nothing will really ever replace that feeling, I think it has to do with the comfortable toilet seat, full true. But here are some pictures of the living area.

As you can see, this is the dwelling place of a pair of geeks, a very simple observation will reveal a Dungeons and Dragons players handbook in the foreground, two Guitar Hero Guitars on the floor, Darth Tater and a Vader helmet on the far bookcase, a mideveal weapon hung prominitely on the wall, and two bookcases filled with Fantasy and Sci-fi paperbacks.

This is looking the other direction toward the kitchen, again more evidence of our geekiness in the form of Yojimbo and Knights of the Round statuettes, a double-bladed lightsaber, and a katana resting on the windowsill. All in all I am enjoying myself nicely. Tomorrow we are having a bunch of guys over to play Risk, good times.

In other news I burned myself, or more like the sun burned me, or my shoulders, no big deal. I actually like it, not the burn, but the whole being outside thing. I have callouses on my hands and dirt everywhere, and I don't dread the next day of work. I gave my 2 weeks notice at LD and it has been a sweet relief for me not to have to go in there even once a week. I have keys 5 (five) for various things from back when I was the receiver, I wondered if they would ask for them back since they are notoriously bad with those sorts of organizational policy type things. But indeed, they called my previous landlord and he(on orders from me) refused to give them my cell number, and so took the message himself and passed it on to me. There are a few people I will miss from there, and I will tell them so, but I never shopped there before I worked there, and I doubt I will now that I'm soon to be gone, so I'll have to write those people notes or something.

I am dead tired, so I will go to sleep now.

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