Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yummy Squiddy

Been a while I know.

OK, so yesterday, Wednesday, I went over to Marks for dinner, my turn to cook so I brought over all the appropriate ingredients for chili. I like chili. I like it with a mixture of beans, a melange some might say. Extra lean ground beef, red, and jalapeno peppers both, super-secret spice ;) All was set for a great meal.

We went to Vi-La Palace, I love Vi-La Palace! Lol, chili can wait. Vi-La is Vietnamese food, and Laotian too, with a bit of Thai for good measure. We normally order #27 ::mouth watering:: but this time since Kim was with us we decided to get a fondu. Not just any fondu mind you, we went straight for the bottom and got the most best fondu there, the Thai fondu!!!

Instead of being cooked in oil like a north-american fondu the pot is filled with a spicy Thai broth that you can eat as soup with the vermicelli they provide on plates. The pot is separated into two sections by a metal partition, one section for the meat, the other for the vegetables. Ahh the meat, mmmm, so it was chicken and beef meatballs, prawns, crab, mussels, SQUID, and finely sliced beef, mmmm. The vegetable was good, kinda looked like spinach without the gross taste and smell (spinach = yucky), but I can't remember the name of it. Apparently it was really expensive and normally wouldn't be included in the fondu except it is in season right now, we felt bad that we didn't eat all of it :(

So the meal was an ordeal, we got the explanation about what everything was and how to eat it, and were constantly putting more meat in and adding more of the spicy black bean-chili sauce to our noodles, and talking. It was great!

The best part about it was that I tried everything, I knew I would, I'm not chicken, but I found that I really like squid, and the mussels weren't bad either, not as fishy as oysters and delectable with the black bean sauce. Of course I already knew I liked crab and prawns, but the squid... it reminds me of duk-ramyun, I like duk too :p

I guess I posted about food cause I'm hungry right now, I only had breakfast this morning and was too full from that and the fondu to bother eating lunch or supper. I know, I'll go eat a pickle!!