Thursday, December 30, 2010

James and Jacelyn tell their proposal story, together.

*As seen on Facebook.
James: This is a story all about how I proposed to the most wonderful girl in the world, who, for some reason, said YES!

Jacelyn: Would you like me to start?

James: Yes love.

Jacelyn: Once upon a time, there was boy...

James: Me. And a beautiful girl.

Jacelyn: Yes. This boy loved the girl very much and she loved him back with equal measure.

James: Are we going way back to the beginning?

Jacelyn: Hmm, that might be a bit much... Let’s start with Saturday December 11.

James: I would like to start by telling the people that she was surprised. I always start with that.

Jacelyn: (smiling) Yes, the people are not surprised, but the girl was. It was, in fact, a day like any other day. The boy and the girl put on their stomping boots and set off into the wilds to chop down a magnificent tree for their Christmas celebrations....

James: ...and then...

Jacelyn: Sorry... I got distracted by the shiny...

James: (grinning) Anyway... they got the tree and took it home...

Jacelyn: Ah, yes, they set up the tree and proceeded to decorate it all blue and silver. They went Christmas shopping, ate sushi, and celebrated their 20 monthiversary.

James: Which I shall explain. December 11 was exactly 20 months to the day that they had professed their inklings of “like” for each other, just before the boy took off for Africa.

Jacelyn: They went out for dinner...

James: In celebration of the girl’s birthday earlier in the week...

Jacelyn: And the girl ate too much garlic and cheese and got a tummy ache. They went home to watch a movie and open birthday presents.

James: Cake.

Jacelyn: … yes...

James: Hey! I wasn’t finished! Her tummy was too sore for cake so it waited in the fridgerator. All chocolatey and delicious. The movie was magic (It’s a Wonderful Life) and the girl was restored to health.

Jacelyn: And the people rejoiced.

James: So, birthday presents, then cake and lo and behold, the girl got tired, just like the boy knew she would. Of course, she felt terrible taking a nap in the middle of their lovely day together, so in exchange the boy announced that he would redeem a coupon -previously given to him as a gift on their official anniversary (Dec 1st)- This seemed penance enough to the girl and she agreed.

Jacelyn: As she lay down on the couch she chuckled and mentioned that Marilyn, a cheeky coworker, was convinced the boy would propose today. Little did she know...

James: Hehe. The boy played along, remarking how ridiculous it was that everyone seemed to know when he was going to propose, all the while thinking about the ring in the box under the couch. The girl drifted off quickly and the boy then went and paid a phone bill (I know, but it was 11:30 and the bill was due that day). Then, when the girl was snoring soundly...

Jacelyn: Like a log. Out Cold.

James: Yes, :D, all part of the masterful plan. The boy grabbed a few roses from his room, passionate red and pure white, and tore them to bits, pulling off all the petals. He scattered the petals all around the sleeping beauty and lit tea lights to cast a magical glow (and because diamonds sparkle best with multiple points of light).

Jacelyn: And sparkle it did, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves...

James: So the boy, all prepared and foolishly not nervous one bit, attempted to wake said sleeping beauty. Traditionally a single kiss is enough to wake ones true love, but even after a couple dozen all this boy got was a true love that rolled over smiling.

Jacelyn: Teehee. Sorry.

James: The girl had only been out for about 20 minutes, but she seemed to resist his every attempt as if in a deep slumber.

Jacelyn: (Indignantly) Because she was, after working the midnight shift!

James: Sure, sure. Well, the girl finally was sitting upright, though still mostly asleep, and all she could think of was that she was crushing the rose petals that had previously covered her. Then there was the confusion as to why there were rose petals and candles everywhere. This only happened after a few minutes of semi-wakefulness. Still oblivious to the perfectly obvious signs of matrimonial propositions forthcoming, she blinked twice as the boy handed her the coupon to be redeemed.

Jacelyn: The girl fully expected to unfold the slip of paper and see a request for a backscratch or neckrub, but was greeted with the following words: “Redeem this coupon for one lifetime of love and happiness, given unreservedly.”

James: The last and most telling coupon in the packet made by the girl.

Jacelyn: Upon looking up from this coupon...

James: Realization dawning for the first time that evening...

Jacelyn: The girl beheld a most amazing sight. The boy, her beloved and best friend on his knees holding a very important little box, open to display the most perfect and stunning diamond ring glittering in the candlelight.

James: The boy smiled, now finally a little nervous, and asked the girl: “Jacelyn Pankratz, will you marry me?” To which she eventually (after about a minute of open-mouthed silence) said: “Yes!” She stared and stared, and smiled and smiled, and then questioned the boy: “Am I dreaming?” which made him smile all the more.

Jacelyn: He assured her that she was not dreaming.

James: And now they are living happily ever after together, except not ‘together’ exactly because they are not yet married, but that glorious day will come.

Jacelyn: Amen. And the people rejoiced yet again.

James: Indeed.