Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My little guy

A bit of a reversal from my heavier posts of late.

This little guy is growing up so fast, I must be doing something right. But I'm worried about root rot since the soil is so shallow and his root (singular) is already snaking along the bottom. I'm going to attempt a transplant tomorrow.

Also, just thought I'd put this out there for all fellow fans, my land-man Dave bought Battlestar Galactica season 3 today! I was just catching up to the last few episodes that I missed while in Europe last year. And thanks to the writer's strike season 4 hasn't started quite yet so I have a bit more time. Wouldn't it be crazy if the 'old man' was a cylon?!?


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blurred lines of incandescent reasoning

Aka. What has happened to me these past days.

Hmmm, where to begin? Back after Christmas I bought a satchel of mini-mandarin oranges from the Korean market in Surrey, they were super sweet and helped me keep up my vitamin C. The only downside to them was that pretty much every segment had a seed, kinda took away from the convenience of the mandarin. It's life I guess. I planted one of the seeds. It sprouted. It was in an inch, at the most, of the sandy-clayish soil from our "backyard", in a jam jar, in my bathroom which has no windows, and it sprouted. The stem is about an inch high now and it is starting to split into a few leaf buds. Hooray!! Now I just have to not kill it.

I've been reading a lot of Neil Gaiman. I do that, find an author I like and latch on until I've caught up to everything they've written. He wrote the novel Stardust, I liked the movie, so when I saw "Anansi Boys" by him at the bookstore I picked it up, along with "Fragile Things", a collection of his short stories with a few free poems thrown in :) He writes what I think people call contemporary fantasy, that is fantasy for the modern world. I gobbled them up, then bought "Stardust", and then "American Gods" which reminded me of Douglas Adams's "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" but better, and broader in scope and imagination. Now I'm into the truly eerie stuff, his graphic novel "Sandman". I should go to bed right after this, but I want to finish volume one. It's the first graphic novel that has taken so much of my attention and focus that I haven't been able to finish it in one sitting.

I was finally placed in a bible study group through my church. I asked about it pretty much when I came back from Europe in May last year, and it has finally happened. We got a couple married couples, and then a bunch of singles, mostly youngish. I don't know exactly how I fit in yet, I'm fairly shy. I want to dive deep into contextual meanings and the actual history and setting and all that to find out what things that have been translated and re-translated into English from ancient Greek and Hebrew really mean. But I'm not sure if that is over the heads of some of this group, and I don't want to force that kind of academia on anyone. Peace & Love.

In my search for a job I applied at the City of Abbotsford Parks and Rec. Dept. I went in to the department for an application form, they pointed me to the front desk. The front desk was out of them, so they pointed me to the HR dept up the elevator on the fifth floor. ding! They rummaged around for a while and finally found an application form, a 4 page double sided affair that was very poorly photocopied. I took it and left. I don't have a printer, so I had no copies of my resume at hand and, after the ordeal to get the application, no idea of who I'd give it to anyway. I went back to my scoot, looked in the mirror, and noticed that I had a grime smudge on my cheek from when I had put air in the tire... yup. I faxed the application form in a little later, to a number that an insider had given me ;), and the fax machine seemed to work, kinda. I left it at that figuring if God wants me to get the job then I'll get the job.

I bought another vehicle, a car, it has four wheels, a roof, a heater, and a RADIO!! Among other things of course. I like it, I haven't named it yet. It is red. I want to go on a road trip this summer, it may or may not happen. Of course the only way this car happened to me is because I am finally past the "Run away, run away" stage. I think. Screw her and all the pain brought about by being "involved" with her. Sure I'm still feeling a little mis-led, a little used, like a single serving packet of tuna, there when it was needed, good ol protein. I'm seeing clearer now, and retrospect is gory, how blinded I was to it all. My friends give a sad grin and a look that seems to say, "We tried to tell you what we saw, but your head was in the clouds. Welcome back though."

Anyway my heart is not in an old tattered box under my bed, it's in my chest pumping whatever viscous liquid passes for blood in this old goats body. It works just fine enough thank you very much. So Michelle, if you are reading this, like I knew you used to, please stop, I've done my half of getting over these memories, you should do the same. You owe it to him, but more to yourself at the very least. Just know that I don't see you ever being truly happy with him, there was too much that you could not find there, you know it. There's someone out there who has the perfect combination for you, don't settle.

Ok, that said, on to easier topics. In my quest for better employment (I had three 4 hour shifts this week) I applied for the Photo Desk at LD, I had an interview on Monday. It went well, the Photo manager was there, and the Electronics manager too, they like me. I like being liked by people, and pretty much everyone at work, sans upper management, likes me. Or at least doesn't show open hatred. It seems things would have to change a bit and I'd have to put in my dues all over again to get up to prime hours (not even full time at that), but the department seems fun and only has female employees working it, I work better with the ladies. I've been told that I got it if I want it.

I was bit by a dog!! On my finger, it hurt a bit, I was mad at the dog, but I feel sorry for it now cause it might have to be put down now. Maybe it could just sense that I'm a cat person. I hope I don't have rabies, only 4 people have survived rabies without the vaccination, and three of them were severely brain-damaged. I'm going to be #5!! I'm already crazy so there may actually be a cognitive improvement as a result.

I was getting eggs, that's where the dog came into the picture, I was getting eggs to make brownies, those little delectable brownies in the mini muffin cups, oh they turned out awesome. It was for my bible study's social evening, two other people brought brownies, haha, we should organize things a bit better.

Tuesday I had a dental appointment, first one in 6 (six) years. I could see (visibly) a cavity on the side of one of my molars for some time, so I was prepared for the worst. I had a cleaning, I love the feel of gum-pain, ahhh. I think some of my wires are crossed. I saw the cavities on the x-ray, I could point them out by the slight variation in shade, I was impressed with myself. They scheduled two appointments for fillings, one for each side of my mouth.

After that I had an interview with the City. Mark had email me on Monday eve and told me he had had his interview and it went well and that I should re-apply. He basically kicked me around on my bum until I did it, he's a great motivator that one. I shaved my stache, it was too patchy for an interview, I tied my hair back all sexy-like and went in. It went well.

Then I had to go get a background check at the cop shop.

Then I visited my momma, and intercepted a message by my grammama that she needed help with a mattress, so off I went, intending to get my Drivers Abstract and book a road-test afterward. But she had done the heavy lifting when I got there, and we ended up having tea :) and talking for a few hours, it was nice. Then my momma and I watched "Into the Wild" it was sad and good, but sad.

On Wednesday I went and made a doctors appointment to get a new family doctor, My old doctor died. A long time ago now. I've only been to the doctor 4 times in my life I'm proud to say, well, beyond my baby check-ups. Twice as a child for strep-throat, and twice as a teen for a strained back.

At work that evening my scooter was a victim of a hit-and-run. Some young girl backed into the shopping cart return slot, which is right next to the motorcycle parking spot where I park. She must've hit it pretty hard judging by how far the slot had moved, and my scooter had been knocked flat. At first glance it looked like just some scratches etc. but then I saw that the rear brake lever was snapped off, I need that, the front brakes don't work well at all, dunno why. Anyway I spent my break and a bit more making an ICBC claim and then on hold with the Police Department to file a report. In the end I had to go to the cop shop to make the report after work, all hit-and-runs are criminal offences, and it's a good thing I got two witnesses. It kinda helped that the girl stopped the car and switched seats with the passenger before driving away from the scene, it let everyone see the plate number, lol, suckas!

On Thursday I went in for my first set of fillings. It was amazing, dental technology has advanced a bit in 6 years for sure. I need to floss more. I got my Drivers Abstract, but couldn't book a road-test in person. Then I went to ICBC and had the damage to my scooter assessed, once they admit guilt I'll get every last piece fixed on their tab, just to teach them never to run from the scene of an accident. Then I helped my momma make ham and rice croquet's. I ground up two (2) big hams, mmm tasty ham, and we ended up making 99 croquet's!! And then we had Ham dinner cause my freezing had worn off.

Friday I went for my new Doctors consultation appointment. Dentists are by far the more efficient schedule keepers. Then I went out to Vi-La Palace for lunch with a friend, I try something new every time, always satisfied. You should try it too!!!! Then home to work on RPG stuff for that nights session. It was horrible, and not entirely my fault, ugh. It was planned so to the point, it was a scalpel, and I wasn't the drunk surgeon. Oh well, there's always next session.

That has been a bit of my busy week, I think that it's in the correct order, it was a blur for me, even without much actual work.

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Monday, March 03, 2008


There has been food, like tasty ham! With good friends to share. Movies too, some good some not so good. I would recommend: "Everything is Illuminated" and "Eastern Promises", but not "Shoot 'em Up" or "Donnie Brasco".

I perfected my pancake recipe, but I ran out of maple syrup. But I've been using the plum-pear jam my brother and sister-in-law gave me! It is better by leaps and bounds. I also found my Peter Gabriel CD, I looked for it so many times.

I like going for walks, and spring is starting too. The weather was nice for a while, but I forsee much rain, I need to get away. So many things to get away from.

I am looking for another job, they keep cutting down my hours, they hate me, I do not know why. It sucks cause I really like working with most of the people I work with, I probably won't miss them, I'm good at forgetting people, usually.

Sometimes I feel like a stranded starfish.

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