Friday, January 02, 2009


This is the 4th picture in my 4th folder(that has a picture). I have to explain it as per the tagging. It is a screen capture (you know that "print screen" button actually has a purpose?) from my favorite Final Fantasy game, FF VIII. It is pretty rare to have a screen capture like this, causeit's from a FMV (full motion video) within the game, which can't be paused, and Prtsc only does one at a time, so this was the lucky shot. Also made more rare by the fact that you can't easily do it from a console without lots of expensive cables and things. I had (note past tense, dang little thieving midget man!) a copy of this game for the PC, which WAS worth a whole lot, grrr. Anyway, the picture itself is of the Galabadian attack on Balamb Garden, after the Garden became mobile I think.

There is no real point of tagging anyone else, they've all done this already, so... it ends with me.