Saturday, June 23, 2007



OK, so it has been some time since I last posted. You think I am going to tell you what that was all about!? Venice was probably around the halfway point of our travels, we only had 5 more places to visit after this. We only spent one day here, that, I found, was enough to see most of the city. The best strategy is to get lost, don't take a map, just wander along the streets, over the canals and take a look at all the wares for sale. There is much to buy in this city, I find it sad, though, when an entire city's economy is based on tourists.

This is just one of the many markets throughout Venice. Not much to say about them, except they mostly focus on venetian glass or carnivale masks. I didn't buy any of that stuff.

This is Cherie on a canal bridge, one of the larger ones, at the end of our day of getting lost, before this we actually did get lost in the residential district which is on a peninsula not connected to the rest of the city by more than a few bridges.

Cherie took this great picture, pigeons love this city because it is like one massive town square. I think we only found one park in the whole place, there were pigeons there too.

Next we head off to Rome...