Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I tell you whut!


I am in Texas, the lone star state, where the earth is red and the sky is blue. This is the first step in my 9 month journey, and a tedious one it has turned out to be. I am at the International Operations Center for Mercy Ships, I'm here taking my BST (Basic Safety Training). I've just completed the first two days which are dedicated to basic firefighting, specifically marine firefighting. I got 100% on my written test, easy peasy, multiple choice. 3 Days left, then I'm here for the weekend, after which I fly out to the dark continent for 9 months.

Tedious because of many things. The grounds here are amazing, but frustratingly vacant. It seems that there is more life flying between the trees than walking the extensive paths or using the large classrooms that make up the complex. There are goats and sheep too, but also unused. The agricultural training aspect of Mercy Ships is in doubt they say, it's too bad, I'd be interested in something like that. Who else will come with the proper training for raising crops and herds effectively?

I've been under the weather as it would be said. I was greatly blessed to be able to finally get all my shots on Friday, the day before I left, along with weekly malaria pills. And I was chipper and full of energy late into the night as my friends were over to send me off. Thanks guys. But on the plane I caught ahold of something, or it caught ahold of me, like a cat viruses choose their owners. A tickle, a cough, a sore throat, a headache. This, coupled with the effects of the live Yellow Fever vaccine I had gotten stuck in me on Friday, made for a miserable cocktail of symptoms. But I am over the Yellow Fever now, the cold remains yet.

My course consists of 3 instructors, nice folk all, and 3 students, myself included, again, nice folk all, with the exception of me. Thankfully the classes have kept my mind a bit more occupied than it would have been otherwise, or more like alternately occupied. It is good to be busy in some ways. I cannot relax here regardless. The sooner I am gone the sooner things actually start to feel like they are moving.

Perhaps I should sit out in the hot Texan sun with my pasty white legs and arms and play with the fire ants.

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