Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ere the raindrop falls

and the catcalls strike softly at the moon, a playful ball illuminates my dreams below, and mushroom men dance in the wavering gloom.

I feel really very guilty, and my guilt has kept me away. But I have an excuse, of sorts, as they all are in the finish. My excuse has to do with my move, I moved, and the place my head now rests is warm (usually) but it lacks one near necessity. . . wireless internet. So while my laptop has been fine for all the things for which I originally purchased it, I have felt a little cut off from the world between binarys. Still, I have access through this dinosaur and have been taking advantage of it exluding only my blog, and that is unforgiveable.

What news? What news? You all cry. I have faith that you care for me so. So starting from the eldest events left undocumented. I returned from my 15 day trip around U.S. of America safe and sound. I clocked a total of 6475 Kms in my red beast, I think I need new tires. I slept in the back a total of 6 (six) times. I had a grand time at my sisters, and a grand time at my aunts, I wish to do it again sometime.

I found work, though temporary, at an old haunt, the HoJ. They needed the Christmas help, and I didn't need to be trained. It has been quite enjoyable. I even made a friend or two.

I slept outside, it was -14c. I was cold. Neither my tent nor my sleeping bag were made for that type of weather. But it was fun, and I did it.

I had started up a forum for my local RPers, so that after my pending departure from this continent (more on that later) they would still be able to network. They are so shy those guys, gems one and all. The forum is called, and I am quite proud of this, The Undead Talking Necromancer Bunny Village. It is a nod to many things, inside jokes and the like. We have lots of fun on there, I have organized a Play-by-Post L5R campaign that has 4 active players. It moves slowly, but is great fun. And best of all I will be able to continue running it in some small capacity once I leave.

And on to that, the most important of announcments; "I am leaving, I wish you all a very fond farewell." Not exactly as Bilbo spoke it, but close enough. The Africa Mercy beckons and I am drawn to it. It didn't shuffle out exactly as I had planned, but my plans aren't important here are they? That was rhetorical, so shut up your face. ;) I start the 1st of May, a beautiful month to begin something in. I do not yet know where I will be flying in to, but I know what position they need me for. I had applied availing myself of any job they had unfilled, I figured in this way to get on sooner rather than later, my logic is lost sometimes on the unlogical, and/or God. So I begin May 1st, and I will be a receptionist. It will be a grand adventure I am sure. I would very much like to meet a pirate. I don't go seeking change, I don't think, I go seeking a continuation of my growth through whatever circumstances God wants to put me in. So just pray for me that I can stay focused on God through this entire time, leading up to it, during it, and afterward, for if you know me at all you know that I am easily distracted by the pretty and the shiny and the quirky and the exciting and... let's just say I am easily distracted.

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