Saturday, May 15, 2010

I, Reluctant Writer

Hey, you should understand the rut I have gotten myself into. The guilt ridden rut where updates and news pile up and overlap and who knows what and what is important, or most, and it is so hard to decide and what if it doesn't stick, that's not fair... I should ask my famous sister (Heidi) what to do. But I am in a writing mood and I figure that she would advise taking advantage of it, and so I try and figure what else she might advise.. she gives good advice. Baby steps is what the Heidi-in-my-head tells me. And already I have a paragraph.

To catch up is tough, I am so far behind. But news that is worthy is worthy. Most of you already know this tidbit, and perhaps secretly credit her with astounding powers of attraction, of my attention at least. I speak of my lady love. Jacelyn *sigh* She is perfect, so utterly perfect, I spend every second spare with her when I can, I think about her when I can't, she is my one and only! We officially started dating on Dec 1, the day she picked up these sorry, travel weary bones from Seattle airport. I knew I had to start this off right away, after all she had been waiting 7 months for me :) That will never happen again, I can tell you.
Other news, perhaps a half-baby-step more, I got a job, it is ok, it shall do. I have a place, it shall also do for as long as I am planning on needing it, and a roommate, who is also named James, he sleeps.
I have a garden now, following a little in my father and brothers footsteps. 1000 square feet, it's a lot to take care of, but it shall do me well. I often go from work straight there to water, especially with this crazy nice weather we've had. My potatos are starting to poke through.
Bonzai are fun, I've gotta start making cuttings, got the potting mix and the rooting hormone. Found a few seedlings that show potential. Planted a few seeds and three have germinated. Covering all angles, exciting! This post needs pictures.
Also, my little sister got hitched.

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