Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Am Skillz

I had to go home from work today cause I was sick. My belly was just in knots from 10 am onward. It hurt quite a bit, enough that I could barely focus on my job, so I did what needed to be done from my pov, and called it a day, kinda. The rest of the afternoon, from 2:00 on, was spent lying in bed or kneeling in front of the porcelain throne, I never did throw up though. Can't rightly place what it was that caused it. Could've been the seafood spaghetti leftovers I ate yesterday, which when I ingested them primarily, ran through me like a surfer riding a wave of molten lava. Or it might have been the fact I missed breakfast again, though it's never felt anything at all like this. It might have been that since I didn't have breakfast and was feeling a bit peckish I scrounged in my drawer and found an expired Mon Cheri bar and ate it. Chocolate doesn't really go bad, but this particular type has hazelnuts in it, I love hazelnuts, hazelnuts will go bad, they tasted fine though. Or the last thought of mine this evening was that I could have been fairly severely dehydrated, I rarely drink water or anything at meals, when I have meals, and for some time now my only liquid has been the milk in my cereal in the mornings, which I have not had the last few days. Anyway I feel better now, now that I have your sympathy, or apathy, I'll take what I can get. I actually was worrying that i wouldn't be able to eat supper like I had been unable to eat lunch, but I was better by then.

It is a good thing too, this is the meal that I prepared, I Am Skillz! It is Wednesday and it was my turn to cook. I've never done a roast chicken before, nor baked yams, or even Yorkshire puddings, but I think I am happy with how everything turned out. Mark liked it too, but sadly Kim couldn't make it, see that third spot set, that was for her.

I know I am tooting my own horn here, but for a first try I think I did well. Yorkshire puddings are going to be my new staple now that I know exactly how to make them. And I love pickles, and yams, yams and sweet potatoes, I really have no clue about the difference. I think if I had done carrots and green beans it would have been as close to a perfect meal as I am capable of, oh, and grape juice too.

I am now stuffed, and re hydrated, and I even snuck upstairs to check the fridge, but alas Young-sun did eat the Yorkshire I had left for her. I hope she enjoyed it.

Next target: HAM!

I love ham.