Saturday, October 13, 2007

Movie nights

Hey again. No, it is not that Facebook has been stealing all my time, I am just lazy in the old-fashioned way. So I wanted to start writing more about my life, but that is personal stuff right now. I've decided to try my hand at being a bit of a movie critic, I've seen a lot of movies recently, and I definitely know what I like and do not like. Plus I go over to Marks place every week and eat and watch a movie, so there is a steady stream of fodder :)

Anyway, a week and a bit ago we watched Deathproof, a movie by Quentin Tarintino. Starring Kurt Russel and a bunch of girls, some of whom are actually popular, their names just elude me at the moment. First beef: it is not under "D" for 'Deathproof', it is under "G" for 'The Grindhouse Presents Deathproof', bogus, that was fine for the theatres when it was a double feature, but if I only get the one at a time, then put it under "D". This movie came out when I was in Europe, so I never saw many previews or read any reviews. In my mind this movie could have been edited a lot, it seemed that Tarintino somehow came across a short story somewhere, maybe a poor college student or an artsy scriptwriter, but he liked it, he wanted to make it into a movie, but he thought of his own variation. Not wanting to spoil the original, and planning to make it full length, he decided to film both his modified version and the original story and make it one movie, except that it really did feel like two movies, or like two alternate endings and middles to the same movie. We actually fast-forwarded it a bit during the second half. Kurt did a great job (I've always liked the roles he chooses) until he got grazed by a bullet and started bawling like a baby.

Now apparently the theatrical version and the DvD release were different, but overall I have to give this a 2.25 out of 5. It tries and succeeds in providing suspense, but deflates in the second half to give us an ironic, yet expected, ending.