Friday, June 27, 2008

End of things

Welcome all but one, or all and one, or gibberish in the clouds if you prefer. It is late. I will make this brief, maybe, I am loquacious after all. (and I love my commas, and my "asides")

Mr. Chase, that is the name I have come up with for my orange tree, has started working on his 6th leaf! Chase is my sisters friends sons name I think, it is also a really cool guy in the sword of truth series(he has tons of weapons), it is also the second half of "purchase" which is where I derived it from, and old receipt. -- receipt --

I haven't gotten my $100 cheque from the government yet, I have yet to do my income tax, I should do that ya? Tomorrow perhaps, cause it is my day off. The extra bit of money infused into my bank account wouldn't help, plus I'll get to modify my address, more on that later... -- infusion --

I have booked my holidays at LD, I have two weeks with pay, quite a large sum actually, it was going to be a bonus, I was going to buy things like a kitchen table and a dutch oven and such, but now it will just offset my week off of work and the poor paycheck that resulted. -- off work --

I sprained my ankle playing soccer. It was great fun (the soccer game) and I played for 1 3/4 hrs after the incident, not my brightest moment. I didn't score any goals, and I wasn't the keeper so I didn't make any great saves, I just checked and passed, like old school days, it was fun. I need to learn how to run though, since I am sucks at that. As I mentioned I missed work for a week, and even went back a bit before the doc said I should. I turned it, my ankle, again today, at work. Then I had to work at LD for 4 hours, and it is my Friday today, or was.

I am leaving things behind, I hope. And the new things in my life will be great, I also hope. I have a cold, it is not so great. I have a roommate and a new place to live, I hope that will be great too. I am going to the canada day parade with my momma, tradition. I am addicted to Travian I have 4 games going, I am glad my laptop doesn't run something like World of Warcraft, it would spell my doom. I finished my first painting in around 7 years, I will scan it maybe, or take a picture of it sometime and post it here. I have to give kudos to Miranda , she got me interested in painting again. I have my second canvas all laid out and plotted, I just need a few more colours, and one of those things you put the paint on, and a mixer, like a putty trowel, but not. I have to find those things, maybe tomorrow. I got a long dirty look from a Clearbrook Waterworks Division worker the other day, it puzzled me until I realised he was a douche-bag, they are not real city workers, I don't have to associate with them. Nature's Pickin's is a good place to shop, fruit is cheap and deli meat is 10% off on Fridays, and there is a cute girl that works there ;) I got two (2) packages in the mail this week, the first was Creatures of Rokugan, a L5R RPG source book, thanks mom! The other was a print I ordered from Anthony J. Clark , he was so nice and even wrote me a note by hand, I bought a frame for it and it will look great in my new place, thanks Mr. Clark! I need boxes because I am moving to this "new place", where I will live with this "roommate" and it will hopefully be great! I need to go to sleep because I'm tired!

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dolphins of the sky.

I have discovered them, the dolphins of the sky.

In my job with the city I have the privelage/honour/joy to be able to mow sports fields on a large mowing device. I try my best to keep a straight line, I focus on some distant point and hope not to be distracted. It at least puts a small element of challenge into the day. And one thing I like to be distracted by during these times, is my visits from swallows. You know, the little birds, Barn Swallows, with the V shaped tails. Swallows are the dolphins of the sky. For just as dolphins will jump and frolick in the wake of a ship in the ocean, so will swallows swoop and veer in the proximity to my mower. It is quite cool to see actually, there will be up to 10 swallows around my mower and I can look across the field and see there are none anywhere else. I must stir up the insects or something, even on rainy days. I want to get a video of it maybe sometime, we'll see.

I tried my hand at a diet, a non-dairy diet. It is supposed to help clear your sinuses of all that extra mucous. Well, it works, or at least it worked for me. I didn't notice the change though, until there was free pizza, and I had a few slices and the next day I was stuffed up unlike I had been for the previous week. So it works, but is it worth it? I can live without drinking milk from the jug no prob, but cheese, ice cream, and did I say cheese? It is too much to abandon for a sense of smell, mostly because there are so many temptations anyway. Dairy farmers thank me, I am back on the wagon.

I am also looking for a place to stay, I have been given the boot, so to speak. In hte end I think it is a good thing. I've been where I'm at for almost two years now,a nd I think it is about time to branch out in a different direction. I was really interested in a single bedroom apartment, but they are generally overpriced compared to a two bedroom basement suite. So I'm looking for a roommate, I have a few options, but I'm uncertain about them at the moment, I'll have to do some more praying. But I think it will be good to be out, I'll start buying all those thing I never really had to buy for a home when I was just renting a room, still, it would be nice to be on my own somehow.

I think my writing speaks for itself, or at least will when I reread this later, but you may just be able to tell that I only went to sleep 4 hours ago.... I should try to get a couple more hours at least, ugghh.

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