Sunday, December 23, 2012

Busy Christmas Happenings

Hello everyone,

My how the time flies. So much has happened over the last while, and now with Christmas fully upon us this might be my last chance to post before the new year. And you can't post about last year, that's just not cool.

So here we go...

Jacelyn and I moved! We had had it with the last place, a laundry list of unmentionables creating too much stress and negativity. We found an amazing suite in a brand new house for a better deal. The house isn't even sold yet so no noises from upstairs to damage our calm. We even get use of the garage.

I joined the AbbyLUG (Lego User Group)! A strange coincidence led me there, and it was great. I had placed a Bricklink order back in October and Jac and I walked over the border to Package Express to pick it up, on our way back as we crossed over we happened to get the one (out of five) border guard who seemed overly curious about what was in my package. I handed him the invoice and he started looking over the piece selection, then he asked me what I was building, then he asked if I was part of a LUG. Then he got my email and I joined the LUG! I've been to one meeting and it was super fun!

Jacelyn had a birthday! She is now 25, so old. I got her tickets to see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform Nutcracker in Vancouver. She liked it, I liked it, we had really good seats. It was a lot of fun.

Now it is Christmas and our tree as been up for a while, the decorations and lights are strung, chocolate is flowing in rivers from adoring kindergarten children, we've been hosting parties, and we even stocked eggnog. Tomorrow is the Christmas Eve candlelight service, and then a flurry of meals and gifts for Christmas day are expected. It has even snowed, and by the looks of it, since we are past the top of the hill, it'll stick around for Christmas. I only have five days off, but they are already starting to be good ones!

 And... the obligatory "cute baby" picture.

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