Monday, November 22, 2010

Warhammer: Under a Giant Shadow of Pain

So here she be. I have been running a pretty much seat-of-my-pants Warhammer RPG campaign for a couple months now. It's every other week so I have time to think through the random junk my players decided to do last session and figure out a way to try to kill them in an interesting and glorious fashion, all while at work. My job allows for this. I've got 4 players, which is the most this sort of campaign can withstand, and all but one I've GM'd before. That helps.

The campaign has no official title, but I think the one I devised for this post will fit nicely. I basically started out by suggesting to players that we make a fun, D&D style romp without using the d20 system, which I think we all hate for various justified and unjustified reasons. So to that end I allowed them to chose any race, and any basic career and then gave them a few months wages and 1500 XP. This is what we got in the finish:

An Estalian Diestro-Duelist with a best quality floppy hat.
A Dwarf Runebearer-Sergeant that runs as fast as an Elf.
A Norse Berserker-Sergeant that tries to tell stories but mostly hits things with his big axe.
And a Brettonian Centigor Knight of the Realm-Knight Errant who acts noble despite his evil heritage.

An interesting thing of note for the setting is that none of these characters are native to the Empire which they are traveling in. Also Centigors (unlike their calmer Narnian counterparts, Centaurs) are fully evil beastmen that are trying to constantly bring the forces of chaos into power over the Empire.

Of course with such an assortment of characters I was forced to have them meet in a pub/inn. It also had to be in a small town because you should never give players too many options in the first session, it's just uncontrollable. So, the villagers decided the Centigor was due to be burned, just for being a beastman, despite gallant attempts at diplomacy. Attempts were also made to distract the villagers, and to batter down walls, and to steal anything not nailed down. No attempts were made to put out the fire set to the inn, or to rescue the poor, innocent innkeeper from a terrible death in the ensuing inferno. An agitator in the mob was killed in one swing of an axe and the townsfolk sent running. Then the players sent their characters running into the hills, all but one at least who got a nice backhand from the leader of a patrol of Sigmarites, who thought he was being unhelpful finding the villains responsible.

And thus the party was split 3:1, not the ideal end for the first session.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy Busy

Haha, Laughable.

Let's go point form for this.
-Jacelyn and I co-lead our bible study with another couple every week.
-I've been playing in a Firefly RPG twice a month, that is a game based off the super awesome TV program. I am playing Captain Dalton Willows who is a dirty scoundrel and not very noble at all.
-I've been running a Warhammer RPG twice a month. This is where I think my blog might go, I might begin to chronicle my players exploits, because to be honest they are pretty super.
-I finished up my garden a while back. Most of my squash got run over by a over-zealous mower, and a homeless guy from down the road snatched a bunch of my carrots, but all in all a doable harvest.
-I've seen Jacelyn every day since I got home last December, sometimes for only a few minutes, but usually longer. Some people think this is unhealthy apparently, but we haven't gotten sick of each other and there is no other I would rather be with than her, so why not, eh?
-Work is back to mostly evenings. I get a couple earlier shifts each week, but it is dark when I go home now.
-I'm a forklift driver now, it's pretty easy and I'm getting better all the time.
-I have been spending a fair bit of time over at Jacelyn's place, I enjoy her family a lot thankfully.
-We have been slowly working through Battlestar Galactica. We are on season 3.5 now. After that I hope we can finish Cowboy Bebop.
-We have also been very slowly working our way through a book titled "The Kingdom Beyond the Waves" by Stephen Hunt. Every time I read Jac falls asleep.

That's it really, we would like twice as much time to do more, and see more people, but that's the way it goes. We have a loose list of people we need to get in contact with, and some are harder to pull off than others, but we are trying. Real life is hard.