Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Back in the swing of things

Yup, for some reason today is the day that I feel it. I feel like my life has reached a pleasant state of balance, one in which even if I do not have time for all my little hobbies, I can be content doing what I chose to do. Right now that is posting on my old blog.

There has been too much to post since I last was on here. I am married now, happily, enthusiastically, wonderfully married. I am in love more than I have ever been before. We are settled into our place and enjoy one anothers company every day. We had the best honeymoon ever: Twelve days in Paris, where we were upgraded from our hotel room to a top floor apartment right beside the Sacre Coeur. We could see the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night from the comfort of our bed. We ate so much cheese and Nutella, and took many long walks. We saw what we wanted, but never felt rushed, and by the end we felt well and truly married.

We have a new addition to our small family. My wedding gift to Jacelyn was a baby red-eared slider turtle that she named King Louis the sunning king. Yes, a french history pun. We have a lot of fun with him especially me at feeding time (he doesn't eat turtle food, just wiggly, jiggly, creepy crawlies that I have to catch). He is very playful, especially for a turtle.

We also have a new niece, little Jonnie Lee Emerson Pankratz, a doll to be sure. I got to hold her at only a couple hours old, she likes me best, just gonna say that right now.

We are going down to Cali in the summer to visit my sister and her awesome family. Hopefully we will get to hit up six flags on the way down. And Legoland is a certainty, I will have a blast there with Tristan. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Samuel and Ava too, I don't think Sam was too interactive when I was there last. Probably due to the fact that he wasn't yet born.

I am running another Warhammer campaign, which will probably get a couple dedicated posts in the future. And I got all my groomsmen different boardgames as gifts, and that has totally helped us stay connected a lot more. I love games nights!

I've also tried my hand (briefly) at some stop motion animation using Lego. I have some plans, but that's all I'll say about it just yet.

Hey, thanks for reading. I'll add some pictures to make it tolerable.


At 8:37 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Content I care about... check
Good colour scheme... check
Reasonably amounts of text... check
Broken up in good places... check
Relevant pictures... check
Comments enabled... check

Gold Star

At 6:14 am , Blogger Grandma J. said...

Lovely update son. This all makes my heart happy too. XO

At 6:34 pm , Blogger heidi said...

we can't wait for your visit either!!


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