Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are We Married Yet?


It occurred to me today that there are only 7 days left until the wedding (duh!) so that means my time on this blog will be drawing to a close. Time for one last update!

At the moment, I'm feeling quite calm about the impending event but of course that could change within the hour. People have been asking how the stress level is and happily, it's not nearly as high as it was two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I was panicking that there were so many details not yet taken care of and so many things still to arrange, but this week, it seems like almost everything that can be done is done, and now we wait for a few days until we can set it all up.

Point form seems to work best in a post of this nature:

-lanterns are finished, covered with hearts cut from book pages and lighted from a battery operated tea light glued inside. (they flicker like real candles! but without the danger of setting the church on fire!)

-bouquets are finished, *insert sigh of relief here* . Sewing all the flowers out of fabric was the very first wedding project I started and it felt so good to check it off the list.

-bridesmaid dresses are complete, and each girl also has their shoes and jewellery after an intense day in Metrotown.

-seating chart has been wrestled into submission, a small miracle in itself.

-alterations on my dress are done, and the extra lace bits may show up on the veil...

-veil is done, having been pulled apart and stitched back together again, but I would not let it beat me!

-flowers have been tended and are showing off beautifully.

-potatoes have been dug to serve at the reception, they are tasty!

-photos have been chosen to document our lives from birth to present day (including awkward adolescent phases).

-reception tables have all been named, place cards have been stamped and appropriate quotes have been printed and organized.

-marriage licence is bought and paid for! Although we might not have been legally married if I hadn't noticed that the lady helping us had put an "E" at the beginning of my last name.

And on the "life together" front:

-James has moved into our new basement suite and helped maintain order during the Great Kitchen Organization.

-James is in the final stages of making our four-poster bed, the paint is chosen ("Stone Age") and if the calculations are correct, it should just clear the ceiling. :)

-mattress was delivered today! So we will have something to sleep on, though I'm dying to try that bowling ball and wine glass trick you see on commercials.

-we've been doing some reading up... ;)

Whew, no wonder we're ready to just be MARRIED! At times this week, I'll admit that all this detailed planning and creating has seemed a bit superfluous, but it'll be a party to remember!

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At 7:38 am , Blogger Grandma J. said...

And now it is just SIX days! So happy that all is going "according to schedule". Praying you and James will have a relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable wedding day ... and marriage. XO

At 8:03 pm , Blogger heidi said...

can't wait!!! so happy for you 2...

At 12:25 pm , Blogger Jenn & Wade said...

Sounds like it is going to be a beautiful day! Look forward to seeing lots of pictures of all the details. Enjoy your special day, sorry we can't make it.


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