Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Fun Never Ends

Greetings and Salutations! It's probably time for another update in the wild world of Wedding Planning. Time creeps ever closer as we are now at 52 days until the wedding! At the 100 day mark, Jacelyn made James a magnetic picture frame with magnetic numbers to change every day and James gave Jacelyn a magnificent bouquet of red roses. There were smiles all around. :)

The most significant thing to have happened since the last update is that the invitations finally got finished! At this point, Jacelyn might have a few strong words to share but she's been working on remaining calm and professional. When James and Jacelyn were designing the wedding invite, they thought it would be a lovely idea to have a quote on the front. They both love quotes and use them often. A suitable one was found and in the interest of saving time printing and cutting more little bits of paper, they decided to have the quote turned into a stamp. The seller was contacted online and all systems were go. However, once she had the money, the seller did not respond to any emails, and it was discovered that she had a backlog of orders, yada, yada, yada... by the time it actually shipped, it was stuck in the Canada Post strike. *sigh* There was great rejoicing when it finally arrived and everything looks the way it should.

James and Jacelyn have also secured a place to live! It is a bright and sunny basement suite with plenty of room for the six bookshelves and assorted stuff. James moves in on August 1 and Jacelyn will follow after the wedding.

Jacelyn (and James) have been showered with gifts! All attendees to the showers have been very generous and the pile of loot stashed in the Abrahams' basement keeps getting bigger!

Jacelyn got a phone call that her dress had arrived and she'll be picking it up this weekend (hopefully)!! No luck on finding the perfect shoes just yet.

If there are any more exciting updates, they've been forgotten at this late hour... more pre-wedding bliss to come!

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At 10:47 pm , Blogger Cara said...

I ended up wearing black shoes I already owned for my wedding...hope you find what you need and like. :)


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