Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's All in the Details


It seems we get asked a lot lately how wedding planning is coming, and let me tell you, it hasn't gotten old! While in my mind, our 'to do' list is still miles long, James reminds me often how much we've accomplished and been able to check off that list. Let's go point form, shall we?

-buying James' wedding suit - no places in Abbotsford or Mission rent grey suits or tuxes, we went to plan B and bought his suit and will have the groomsmen in suspenders and skinny ties!

-buying James' wedding ring - I must have asked him a million times to make sure he really was happy with a plain white gold band, after all the detail he put into mine, I didn't want him to feel neglected... he assured me this was what he had always wanted. The fun part was, when I picked it up after having it sized, I drove to his place and asked him to marry me!

-buying a mattress - while this doesn't fit into the 'wedding' category, it was still a necessity. Sleep Country had an amazing sale and will hold it for us until we have a place to move into. One of my cheeky coworkers asked me, "What are you two going to do with a mattress?" I replied, "Oh, we'll have all sorts of fun with it!" and turned around to see an elderly, kerchief-wearing lady behind me. Oops. :)

-making flowers - I've been stitching up a storm as all the bouquets and boutonnieres will be made of fabric flowers.

-assembling invitations - we've got almost everything we need and we've started stamping the birds and birdcages to go on the front.

-finalizing reception location - after much deliberation, we have decided not to have the reception on the yard, but in our church. The rental cost alone for all the tables, dishes, flatware, etc. was almost more than what we had budgeted for food! Much less stress this way too.

-securing kitchen committee and food - I hope all those brides who said they were too busy to eat were just being silly. I know I will be famished and I intend to enjoy every part of that meal.

-ordering a (massive) roll of paper - for our vintage typewriter guestbook!

-buying material for the bridesmaid dresses - patterns and notions too, now the girls just need to get measured.

-paying for Paris - the final payment has been made, we even purchased a travel book to help plan our itinerary.

-making centerpiece decor - votive holders wrapped in lace and I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

-buying lots and lots of books - every few weeks we scour every MCC, Value Village and Salvation Army in the area and our collection is growing.

-making time for each other - and sushi!

I'm sure there's so much more but this should give you a glimpse into our life at the moment. :) In a flash of frustration one day, I moaned to my mom that it would be sooo much easier to elope. She told me that yes, it would be easier, but this is our one chance to throw the biggest party of our lives for all our friends and family on the day that they will all be celebrating with us. Why not make it the best ever? :)

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At 7:44 pm , Blogger Grandma J. said...

Feeling the excitement! Thanks for the lovely update, sounds like everything is going splendidly. Enjoy the planning of this party. XO

At 9:57 pm , Blogger Miranda said...

Man you guys have a lot done! All your plans sound so very cool!

I felt like eloping too while planning my wedding after looking at . Especiall after looking at my to-do list. Very true what your mom said though, mine said something similar I think, cant remember though. :)

At 8:43 pm , Blogger villagegirl said...

I loved reading your updates! It sounds like you really have a good handle on all the stuff you need/want to do. It seems like SO much work sometimes but all these details that make it 'yours' will be worth it in the end. I promise.
And I'll vouch for your mom. Don't you know that mom's are always right? :)
At least that's what I'm trying to brainwash my children into thinking. hee hee


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