Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am trying I really am, being where I am now makes it extremely difficult to get on this blogging thing again. Excuses, excuses, I know. At the very least I am aware that I want to post at least once a month, especially while away. This medium can brush more spheres deeper than limited time on facebook could. I can compose on the top of my lap, and then log in and post, it'll be marvelous.

I'll do the most important things first. I got baptized a while ago. I thank all of you for your prayers and support. I am old now, I had my birthday, it was good. But I am old now. And I know where I am going: Benin. Yes that is right, I am going to a country most of you who have been out of school longer than you were in school cannot even recall. It is a sliver of a thing, right next to Togo and Ghana to the west, and Nigeria to the east.

All has not been smooth sailing for this trip however. I have committed to go, but there is one prerequisite left unfilled, by no fault of my own. I need a BST course. It's a 5 day course specific to marine safety, Fire, First Aid, Evacuation, etc. As near as I could find it here it cost $1600 at UVI, and they were full up. So Mercy Ships, with some finagling, has offered to cover the cost if I take it from them in Texas, or from a specialized school in Alabama. I am still waiting on them before anything can go forward. Not going forward is my flight. I discovered that as a "missionary" I have access to better deals on airfares, through certain travel agents. If only we had known when my sister was flying to and fro from Scotland eh? Regardless, it helps now, the flight is roughly half of the $7000 one that Flight Centre could arrange, so that is a blessing. But in yet another negative turn of events Mercy Ships Canada has dropped the ball in getting back to me about being able to raise support, I should have been well on my way these past two weeks, but nope, I haven't heard hide nor hair from them at all. I am probably going to need to sell my car to be able to afford the full time away, but I insured my scoot for the last few months I'll be here, and if I can get back on with the city for this short time then I can make a few more bucks. Oh, what you do with me, a man of little faith my Lord.

Little life things now. Point form like I mean it.
I started a Warhammer Fantasy RP game, it is fun, and deadly. On of my players' characters already lost his leg at the knee and is hobbling about on a crudely carved peg.
I worked as a recycling truck driver for a short time, I got my air-brake certification (and a new photo for my drivers liscence), and then worked for about 3 weeks.
I started reading the Harry Potter series, at the behest of a new, and suddenly very close, friend. I don't mind them actually, I'm on #4.
I am watching BSG season 4.0. My dad doesn't like it anymore, but it has gotten better recently.
I ran a LotR TCG Fellowship block tournament at my house, had 6 people show, plus myself. I am planning another one in April, this time Two Towers and Fellowship Blocks. There was pie!
I ordered a t-shirt from Penny-Arcade and it came yesterday. It says, "20 million kids are eaten by bats every second." and that is a fact, and it's on my shirt.
I've started putting things aside on a table downstairs, things that I need to take with me, I hope there's have enough room for all my books.
My life hasn't ever been more confusing and strange to me as it is now, but I am experiencing more joy than ever I have experienced.
My personal history has a very strong chance of repeating itself, to my detriment. I have learned from this past, but will I be able to withstand it's most definite and increased allure? Please pray for me, God has given me a chance at redemption, personal redemption, and not only I hang in the balance.

Ok, ~fin~

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