Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Because who doesn't love weddings?!?!

Welcome to Jacelyn's debut post! James asked me if I'd like to contribute on his blog with updates on our wedding planning so people can see what we're up to. I was a little hesitant at first (I'm still familiarizing myself with the foreign planet that is blogland) but an outlet to talk all things wedding?! Yes please!

Just a heads up, I probably won't be posting every other day (or every other week for that matter) though I will try my very best. I am currently doing my practicum, going to university, working part time and planning the wedding, so time is limited but here goes!

Some details:
-Our wedding is set for September 3, 2011
-It will be outdoors on my parents' yard in Mission
-The theme is vintage
-I love James!!

Hopefully that gives you enough to go on, there will be much more coming!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Warhammer continued

Well, it seems I have two more sessions remaining, and a lot has happened since I first posted about it. If only for a personal recap I will try to encompass everything in point form:

-The party managed to get back together.
-They saved a child from the clutches of a mutant chaos cult
-This got them a feast at the nearby town as the child was the son of the Mayor
-The child was kidnapped again, and the Estalian jumped out a window to try and rescue him (after trying to get into bed with the mayors daughter)
-The mutants were tracked down, and the boy rescued again
-There was another feast
-Some travel happened
-They bumped into a scholar and his three porters who were looking for an ancient tomb, which just so happened to be the place the mutants were using as their hideout
-With the mutants all dispatched they opened the tomb proper and were greeted by ghosties
-Then a !!Dwarf Vampire Lord!! that looked like a statue on a throne killed the scholar
-One of the porters got crushed to death in the closing tomb doors and another was revealed to secretly be a !!Vampire Hunter!!
-The Vampire Lord kicked their rear ends until the Norsman rolled a double critical and put him out
-The staked him in the heart before he regenerated and the Vampire Hunter took some loot as a token of his victory
-With the help of the last porter they piled the late scholars cart with everything of value from the tomb
-The last porter turned out to secretly be a !!Tomb Robber!! and poisoned them and escaped with the treasure
-Upon waking they chased him down only to find his body squished flat in a !!giant!!s footprint, one of many leading away into the hills
-The treasure was also gone, they, of course, followed
-The came upon the giant and his comrade at night and tried to sneak past to get their stuff, but the Estalian was caught
-Then everyone else was caught and forced into service of the giants, who it turned out, were bringing together a large army of giants to raid the Southern part of the Empire
-After a time in servitude they reached an abandoned dwarf fortress that the giants were using as a base
-Some of the giants went off raiding and the party was split again, two of them were to accompany a pair of giants in a quest for gunpowder to use with some cannons the giants had, and two of them stayed behind with the other slaves, a shell-shocked Halfling cook, and an aged Dwarf smith
-The pair traveling with the giants (the Estalian and the Centigor) managed to rouse a nobles patrol to help dispatch the two creatures only after an innocent goatherd was smashed by a giant-thrown boulder
-The pair remaining took the reduced number of giants as a sign that it was time to strike, and strike they did
-One was killed while still in an alcohol induced slumber, and the leader and his crony were locked in the main hall while burning straw was heaped inside
-The giants broke out and nearly killed the norsman, but a couple good shots by the Dwarf with a ballista took out the leader and the fleeing crony was pinned under the portcullis by the Halfling cook
-The two giants on guard duty came to help, but got distracted trying to steal the crony's boots, instead one got a ballista bolt w/ flying Dwarf projectile an the other got chopped in the shins and fell off a cliff

And that is where it stands now, a headless giants corpse is now covered with rats and ravens in the courtyard, a large blood smear marks the path from the portcullis to the cliff, and the party feels they have control over the fortress. hehehe