Sunday, August 09, 2009


I've been thinking of things to post about that end in "ty", as I've been challenged! :)
I've got pictures to go with it...

Ok, we get pretty good food here on the ship, it is brought from either Texas in a big container, or Holland in a slightly less big container (Texas, c'mon). Sometimes we start to run low on things and we don't get cheese or cinnamon for a while, but then a container will arrive and the wonderful cooks will run wild with their crazy ideas.

Today we had Tasty fish with a vegitable stir-fry and coconut rice. I always take pickles as a condiment when they are available, though they by no means rival my mothers. We normally have fish on fridays, but I think the new container bumped that off a few dayswith the endless possibilities it offered.
This meal is classified TASTY!

A couple days ago we had this meal, pulled pork with beans on a bun. Eddie, the baker, from Vancouver, bakes our bread and buns, and these were ever so Tasty. I'm not exactly sure what the pasta was for, but I took some anyway and put beans on it. That is also fresh pineapple that is sooo good. Obviously there were no pickles that day. This meal is also classified TASTY! (And I'm not even a pork fan)

I sometimes miss meals, due to my irregular shifts and subsequent sleeping patterns. I don't mind so much, I'm rarely hungry, and I've gained a few pounds since being here. But it has been really nice to not be tied to the galleys strict schedule. I sometimes enjoy some 25 cent ramen noodles when I am in the mood for something salty. I would say that in a way these noodles are Tasty.

Ok, seriously, do you wonder why I've gained weight. Look at this burger, crafted based off of a fine Canadian's recipe, this is not your traditional slab of slapped together American ground beef. This thing is thick, it's got all the flavour a cow never even dreams of, spices, herbs, even onions built right in, mmmm. The freedom fries ain't bad either, actually deep fried for that fast food TASTE-Y!! You may note the pickles I added to the meal ;)

The galley staff are not the only ones who dabble in the realm of Tastilicious, there are other brave souls who spurn the limitations of the snack shop and buy mixes for things, some even venture to the "from scratch" nebula! I made this TASTY cake for Ryans birthday (Happy Birthday Ryan!) and Deb made the icing. No pickles, but note the bear and shark locked in mortal combat on his shirt.

For those ever so not-very-hot African days (seriously, it's the rainy season) there is FanMilk. Vendors with little push carts and old fashioned rubber ball horns, wearing bright blue, ply their TASTY wares wherever there may be folk who sweat or could do with some refreshing. There are even a few with bicycle carts!! This is a FanChoco, my favorite, other flavours include FanIce, FanMilk, and FanYogo.

And lastly we come to my favorite, something I crafted from scratch, Apple Perishky, mmmmm. I tried blueberry first, but due to the terrible state of either the Texan or Dutch blueberries available to me, I gave up. The little yellow apples we get locally are great for baking, I don't even peel them. I've made em 3 times so far, from a recipe at and they have been a hit.
This last time I tried something new, I grabed a handful of bananas, local and ripe, and blended them with some whipped cream and sugar, making a runny, but TASTY banana cream filling. I then used a few mini marshmallows to give it form and packed it all up together inside the pastry. The marshmallows expanded, breaking the seal, but they also bowned nicely giving the Perishky a little crown with a banana core, mmmm.

Ok, I'm done, let's see if this works this time...
Until we meet again, eat hearty!

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