Monday, April 17, 2006

Final Fantasy Journal 3

Character Recap:

Telemic Rhade- Ronso Warrior, played by Nate
Wawlimus Purtuk- Ronso Warrior, played by John
Zaragos- Ronso Rogue, played by Brad
Kenji- Human Warrior, played by Jeremy
Ruggar- Moomba Rogue, played by Ferris
Morgoroth- Wood Elf Warrior, played by Chris

When we last left our courageous heros they had just been greatly rewarded for completing a job presented to them by the Moomba Cheiftan, now what will they do next?

After the great feast presented by the Moomba village the party decided to go back to Byfree and enjoy their new wealth. They proceeded to spend a large sum at the various shops restocking their supplies and upgrading their equipment. Kenji makes a point to investigate the smithy to see if he may be able to work on his wakizashi, which was possibly damaged during the shipwreck. Thelgar the smith gladly offers him the use of the forge and his tools as he himself doesn't have any large projects to do at this point, and it is always nice to hear the ringing of steel while relaxing for a day. After shopping the rest of the party retires to the Plump Quail for supper and some drinks. There Zaragos and Ruggar conspire to steal a very shiny silver circlet that the new party member Morgoroth found in the the eastern ruins. They wait til everyone is asleep, and then Zaragos makes the move and snatches the loot hiding it underneath the docks before heading back to sleep.

The next morning everyone wakes up and goes about their business. Kenji heads to the smithy with his sword to work it over again. Zaragos heads over to visit Leogar and Pladar, and ends up going scouting with them and kills a few Imps. Ruggar heads around town looking for trouble, but finally settles to make a rough lockpicking set at the smithy. Wawlimus, Telemic and Morgoroth head out to practice with their weapons, sparring with each other and practicing with bows.

Later in the evening an irrate woman drags a bunch of young village boys into the inn where the party is relaxing, apparently she found some of the boys with a fine silver circlet that they must have stolen. The circlet is given back to it's rightful owner and Morgoroth, now suspicious of everyone in the room, heads out to brood alone.

The next day Pladar comes to town and informs the party that they think that the Imps have settled down and regrouped, and that they might be forming some sort of battle plans. Now is the time to strike, so the group travels into the forest heading north-east past the destroyed Imp camp where they rescued Nancy. The problem with tracking Imps is they never head directly anywhere, and they never move in a cohesive formation. Thus there are hundreds of crisscrossing pathways and scents that must be unravelled or ignored. Leogar and Pladar split up from them to track on their own, and the party starts to navigate the labrynth on their own. They get lost a few times, but always manage to navigate their way around obstacles and twisting paths. After a while they come across a few groups of Imps but no real organized camps, they continue to push ever north-eastward. In one clearing Kenji, Wawlimus and Ruggar come apon a sleeping mound of lumpy grey-green flesh. The troll is huge, but it is asleep, if they can time it right they can kill it without the help of the others. They discuss their options quietly for a few minutes, and finally decide to make the attempt. As they approach, the troll starts to stir, this spurs them into action and they quickly fall to slaughtering the sleeping monster. By the time it actually rises from the ground to defend itself it is mortally wounded and returns to rest shortly afterward. The trio celebrate their success and giddily continue on their way, ignorantly leaving the trolls body to regenerate.

They finally make it to a large clearing at the foothills near a large mountain. The clearing leads up a narrow valley between two ridges that jut from the rocky skirt of the mountain. They crouch down in some underbrush to survey the clearing. It is swarming with Imps as far as they can see, nearby there are Imps patrolling in pairs, and they can make out many of the stinky rotting cloth tents they sleep in. They decide on a plan of attack utilizing their range and a grenade that they discovered in the forest. Their strike is sudden and unexpected, but though they take their opponents by surprise the battle is hard fought. The Imps have many trained Nakks, wide-faced wolf creatures, and these proceed to hold up and seperate the group so that the Imps can use their superior numbers. After some close calls they finally break free of the Nakks and plow through the remaining Imps. A few reinforcments arrive, but they see the carnage and turn tail and run back deeper into the camp yelling warnings. Here the trio rests and wait for the rest of the party.

What will happen next? Will the Imp threat be utterly defeated, or will the Imp cheiftan represent a foe that is beyond any of them? Until next time.. blah blah blah.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Final Fantasy Journal 2

Hello all, welcome to another edition of the Final Fantasy RPG Journal . When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were about to enjoy a little R&R after rescueing cute little Nancy. Let's see what happens next.
Some of the party members woke early, some of them slept in, but they eventually all met in the common room of the Plump Quail Inn where they had a complementary room. As they were setting out to raid a dungeon a Moomba 'herald' announced the arrival of the Moomba Chieftan. Zaragos presented the chieftan with a battle trophy, the long arrow he had plucked from the head of the Imp champion that had been slain during Nancys rescue. The chieftan gladly accepted this generous gift, more as a sign of friendship than of any innate value in the stained arrow. Telemic, though, didn't like this and as he walked past the cheiftan he picked up the arrow and snapped it in half and laughed and walked out the door. The wise old chieftan was not phased in the least and went about propositioning the party for a mission into some southern ruins. Apparently a crazy Imp had stolen their warchief headress and they had not been able to recover it, the chieftan offered a reward if the adventurers could return the artifact to his tribe. The party, having nothing better to do agreed and set of to prepare.
Telemic was still outside and was informed of the job, and though he grumbled he would not pass up some Gil. Before they left however he wanted to pick up the longbow at the weapon shop, he had just made enough Gil to buy it and was quite excited. When they got to the weapon shop the owner informed them that the moomba cheiftan had just bought it, strange becuase the bow was much to big for a moomba. Telemic was mad, but as they left the shop he saw the cheiftans herald approaching him with the bow. The moomba offered Telemic the bow, but just before he took it the moomba snatched it back and broke it over his knee. Everybody but Telemic laughed.
They then followed Ruggar toward the ruins where the crazy Imp was suspected to have taken the headress. On the way Wawlimus carelessly disturbed a snoozing group of Barretta, squat rhinocerous-like creatures, and the party had to regroup and make a stand. They located the ruins shortly after although as they looked around they only saw foundation stones and nowhere for an Imp to hide. Wawlimus and Zaragos fooled around with a hole in the sand until they heard a menacing rattling sound coming from it. Finally they stumbled apon a caved in stairway leading to the basement of the ruins, which is still mostly intact, they just finish grabbing torches when they are suddenly attacked by an Ankeg, a giant desert centipede. They dispatch the creature without many wounds and head into the ruins. Zaragos suggests that they always stick to the left, and so they navigate there way around the rooms and halls, Kenji keeps a rough map to refer to should they get lost. All the doors on this level are locked and it takes some dexterous work by Ruggar and an arrowhead to pick the locks. The only doors that resist all attempts are a large seigedoor and a door that is magically locked. Still there is much treasure to be found and the party starts to get greedy. Ruggar, Wawlimus and Telimic fall prey to a booby-trapped room and the others bypass the trap and get the treasure before rescuing their comrades. They run into another pair of Ankegs and a Mysterious Wood Elf named Morgoroth joins their party.(????) As they continue to search the rooms they find three triggers that open three ironclad seige doors that blocked their passage. Behind these doors they find the Imp asleep and the headress lying on the floor, but again their greed causes them to search for treasure chests and the creaking lid wakes the Imp and he panics and runs away. They recover the headress and decide to head back to the Moomba village to collect their reward, leaving Telemic and Morgoroth, who had remained searching one of other rooms, alone somewhere in the ruins. Wawlimus chooses to stay and wait for the other companions and soon sees a happy Telemic emerge bearing a fine composite longbow. They join the others at the Moomba village, collect their reward of 3900 Gil, and Wawlimus tells the tale of their adventure during a large feast held in their honour.

The End.....
Until next time....