Saturday, October 11, 2008

I can't believe I am going to say this..

but I think I need a Meddler in my party.

I have started a new RPG for my group, Grimm. It is set in the lands contained in Grimms Fairytales and various nursery rhymes, the players play as children, using various archetypes such as Jock, Bully, Nerd, etc. The players are seemingly quite adept at playing scared little children, and have made absolutely no progress whatsoever. This is not good.

A Meddler is usually not good, he is usually a player who doesn't play well with others, who always wants to test the boundaries and limits of the GM, and likes the spotlight even if he is sneaking around in the dark. What a Meddler would do well in my situation here and now is that he would get people jealous. Jealousy is a pretty good motivator. Not many people can sit back and watch someone have all the fun, while all it would take for them to get a piece of such a tasty pastie would be a few words. And I think I can handle a Meddler now, I have enough GM experience by this stage, throw it at me players, I challenge you!



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