Saturday, June 30, 2012

A leisurely stroll down a wooded path

Since the weather this weekend has so far been atrocious, I will transport you my faithful reader to a happier, sunnier time. A time when the three of us intrepid companions journeyed together to a mystical place.

Led by our fearless leader we wandered sun dappled paths...

Explored deep woods...

And viewed breathtaking vistas.

Our leader is very wise and sagely. He discoursed at great length on matters geological...

And on matters biological he is second to none.

The majesty of nature is just as he expected, it could not be any less.

But even so serious and reverent a personage can take some time out for a pleasant walk to the lake. When the weather allows it, for it is good for ones constitution.

Good times up at Lost Lake with our gnome without a name. I will take suggestions if anyone wishes to have the honour of naming him.