Sunday, February 05, 2006

While I can...

Well, it has been hard going trying to work out time these past weeks; I have 3 chapters in the works, I ran the first playtest for my RPG, got my laptop internet ready, and I have a friend who requested a piece of custom art for his cardbox. So this long pause has not been without reason, and I say Ha! to all you nay-sayers that claimed I couldn't last a month! Actually nobody said that, nobody really cared too much I guess, but I doubted whether it'd last too long. Anyway, I'll try to get chapter 4 up tonight, that is if the router doesn't go all bulunky on me and shut me out again. I also must stay away from the TV, I recently purchased a copy of Final Fantasy VIII, and I am addicted to Triple Triad. My last copy, for PC, was stolen by an evil LOTR TCG player named Dave, he's short and bald, and has sickle cell anemia (that's where your blood doesn't clot properly right? it's been ages since biology), so if you see him strong arm him into giving it back to me. But yeah, I guess that's why I have been delayed on chapter 4 for the most part, but it's so fun.

Regarding the first playtest of FFRPG, it wasn't a total bomb, the people who decided to show up liked it. It basically wasn't ready to be playtested yet, I had just pushed for that date cause a friend of mine who has assisted me with it in the past was back in town for a while and I wanted him to be a part of the playest. Long story short he couldn't make it and all the last minute prep I had done for the playtest session wasn't done properly to scale so had I not played the parts of the 2 absent characters and 2 NPCs the 3 person party would have been killed and eaten by 3 Killer Mantis's. I did however see great potential from the tick based initiative system, especially compared to the next weeks L5R session, but I couldn't get to much constructive feedback from the 3 newbie players, as Peter Jackson shows us with king kong, it's not the best thing to be your own final editor. Anyway I have scheduled a new session, this time to actualy start the campaign I have been working on for a while, we will just be creating characters this next time and going over rules and the like, but I still need one more player. So, if by chance you live in the Fraser Valley area and are prefferably a fan of the Final Fantasy series (I need allies to keep my ideas alive midst all these WoWsers), or just interested in the idea Lmk and we can arrange a meet, it'd be cool if there was a female player in our group, but guys are fine too.

Other news. I have finally aclimatized to my new surroundings, my room is tiny and cold, but it has light, more than I cansay for my old one. Roomates are not bad, cooking is a pain, but mommy gives me sweets all the time. I haven't yet gotten permission to bring my cat, Nemo, here, but tommorow I think I will purchase a pair of Bala Sharks to eat my last lonely White Cloud Tetra. But not from Petcetera, they have the worst fish, everything I have bought there has died, with the exception of my snail, which they overcharged me for. Jerks.

And now I will introduce a new part of this blog.............. the fun quote of the day/post.

Here it is: (wait for it each post with baited breath)

"Only a single monk to guard the shrine?" the ronin chuckled.

"A single monk," said the smiling old man, "and eight million spirits."

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At 4:06 am , Anonymous Tabitha said...

Hi James,
Cool, that you have settled in in your new place.
I must amid, that I don't understand L5R RPG and all those things and abb.
Stay cool,

At 1:19 pm , Blogger James Abrahams said...

Hey Tabitha,
Thanks for the comment. Now my blog is truly international. yay! And I will 100% have no trouble staying cool, I'm Canadian after all.

At 11:05 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding sickle cell anemia, I believe you are thinking of haemophiliac when you say the symptoms are blood that will not clot. Sickle cell anemia would mean a low iron count in your blood, making you listless, lethargic. If I remember correctly, it is more common in black people. Hey, take this info for what it's worth - your mommy. PS Good blog.


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